About Us

Hi! We are CrazyChoco

Present by itself may not be significant as a material thing. The feelings and motives that stand behind this play a key role to make your lovers happy. That's why it's so important to choose amazing and unforgettable gifts.

High-quality chocolate products that will bring a lot of joy and smiles

 Real size and Solid
• Premium dark chocolate
Gift wood box

Be sure! his chocolate gift can definitely surprise your loved ones

Premium packaging

We pack our kits in a wooden gift case. Packaging made of natural materials helps to preserve the taste and aroma of natural chocolate.

The most important advantage of packaging is that it is impossible to guess that it is chocolate!


Brand recipe. The taste of chocolate is saturated with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Company name: IP Scherbakov D.A.
The actual address: Russian Federation, 105043 Moscow 4-parkovaya 24-22
Phone: +7 977 654 72 28